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Access the global markets through one powerful platform. XTrend Speed provides real-time market quotes for over 150+ CFD products, covering global markets of foreign exchange, stocks, commodities, indexes, and cryptocurrencies, which include popular symbols such as BTCUSD, GBPUSD, Apple, USOIL, TECH100 etc. Provide users with real-time bid/ask prices and rising/falling trends of various symbols.

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XTrend Speed has designed and developed both mobile and desktop trading application with focus on high security and reliability to meet different trading needs. You can now trade on the XTrend Speed anytime, anywhere, taking your trading career to the next level.

Trade at your own pace on our premium cross-platform software.

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XTrend Speed strives to refine the mobile trading experience by introducing an innovative and intuitive interface, multilingual customer service, easy-to-read charts, and daily analysis of market trends, conveniently allowing both novice and experienced traders to trade anytime, anywhere!

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